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 » Are you an authorized Rolex Dealer?

Atlanta Luxury Watches & Jewelers are not an authorized Rolex SA nor are we an authorized retailer of any other watch listed in our website

 » What is the difference between a Chronometer and Chronograph?

Chronometer: An automatic timepiece that has been tested and proven to keep very accurate time. Chronograph: A watch with a built-in stopwatch. It will generally have €œpushers€ above and below the crown. The upper one typically starts and stops the stopwatch, while the lower one will reset the stopwatch. Chronographs will have sub-dials which will display the amount of time that has passed since the stopwatch was activated.

 » What is an SEL?

Solid End Links (or SEL) refers to the final link on select modern Rolex bracelets. On these SEL bracelets, the final link is made from a solid piece of metal where the bracelet attaches to the watch`€™s case. This new design makes for a stronger bracelet and a cleaner look. On older bracelets, they utilized a hollow end piece to attach the bracelet to the watch`€™s case.

 » How do I open the diver`€™s extension?

Diver`€™s extension is installed in FlipLock bracelet. It is an extra folding clasp, when unfolded, it can increase the length of bracelet and ensure the watch can be worn outside the diving suit. Submariner and Sea-Dweller all use FlipLock bracelet. SEL bracelet: beside the buckle, there is an O-shaped button, press it to release the diver`€™s extension. NON-SEL bracelet: pull up the bracelet to open the buckle until the diver`€™s extension is released.

 » How many kinds of bracelets and buckles does Rolex have?

Basically there are Jubilee, Oyster, Oysterlock, Oyster Fliplock and President. Jubilee: a Rolex classic Oyster: a basic folding buckle, fasten it by pressing. OysterLock: similar to Oyster, but there is an additional secure buckle to prevent accidental fall off. When opening, first you must pull the secure buckle to the left, and then open the OysterLock to the right. Fliplock: similar to OysterLock, but has an added diver`€™s extension. FlipLock is also much longer to cover the deployant buckle. President: named after American President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956 when this bracelet first appeared. He chose one to wear to celebrate the victory of WWII, when Rolex gifted President Eisenhower an 18K gold Datejust watch (British Prime Minister Winston Churchill also had one at that time). In 1956, this watch was returned to the factory to maintain and repair and was replaced with a new bracelet (this was the origin of the president bracelet). Day-Date is often called the €œPresident Watch,€ objectively it refers to the bracelet. In fact, Eisenhower`€™s was Datejust, not Day-Date.

 » Where is the model number / serial number of my Rolex?

n order to find the model number and/or serial number on your Rolex, you must remove the bracelet. It is recommended you use proper tools to remove the bracelet or have a watchmaker or other skilled person remove it for you. The model number is engraved on the case between the lugs and under the bracelet at the 12 o`€™clock position. The serial number is engraved on the case between the lugs and under the bracelet at the 6 o`€™clock position.

 » What is the benefit of buying a pre-owned Rolex over a new one?

A new Rolex, like most luxury items, will depreciate in value close to 30% immediately after purchase. On the other hand, a pre-owned Rolex greatly holds its value in time and can be resold at a price close to your purchase price. When you buy pre-owned, you`€™ve effectively cut out the deprecation in the retail markup. Rolex designs don`€™t change very often; therefore, owning a perfect condition pre-owned timepiece is as good as a new one, with no one knowing that the watch was purchased pre-owned. No one can spot a used Rolex on your wrist. With the proper care and maintenance, a Rolex lasts forever

 » How often should I get my Rolex serviced?

Rolex recommends that you have your Rolex serviced every 3-5 years. Our basic service takes approximately 1-3 weeks. When you service your Rolex or any other luxury brand regularly, you reduce the chances of needing any serious and costly repair.

 » What`s your business hours?

Monday thru Saturday 10am to 7pm Sunday 12noon till 4pm

 » Where are you located?

We are located in Buckhead Tuxedo Festival Shopping Center 3655 Roswell Road, Suite 148 Atlanta , GA 30342
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