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Fun Facts About Franck Muller Watches
13 Oct 2021

Fun Facts About Franck Muller Watches

A luxury watch not only enhances your style, opulence, and aesthetics but also portrays fine craftsmanship. Atlanta Luxury Watches has an extensive collection of luxury watches and jewelry, ensuring that all your accessory needs are met and exceeded with quality, top-of-the-line products. One of the famous luxury watches in our catalog includes Frank Muller Watches.

There are five popular watches under the Swiss luxury watch brand: Vanguard Crazy Hours, Frank Muller Remember, Vanguard Yachting Anchor Skeleton, Vanguard Racing, and Skafander Chronograph. Aside from breathtaking, classy designs, here are some fun facts you did not know about this brand.

This Brand Has Its Own Watch Fair

Despite the brand being relatively young compared to other luxury brands in the watch industry, there’s an annual fair held back in Switzerland, where his headquarters are situated. Frank Muller has distinguished his brand from others by the brilliant nature of its models. The exhibition of these pristine watches is done along with other invaluable jewelry during the famous World Presentation of Haute Horlogerie. This annual fair is one of the most anticipated events in the watch industry and an opportunity for the brand to showcase its exquisite watchmaking legacy.

Unique, One-of-a-Kind Shapes

The distinct Cintrèe Curvex is one of the iconic shapes that most people associate with the Frank Muller brand. However, with most luxury watches going for a rectangular or circular shape, Frank Muller Watches takes it a notch higher by coming up with a unique shape. From its particular curved casing, distinctive contours, and extraordinary numeral design, there’s no doubt that Cintrèe Curvex is one-of-a-kind.

Interesting Watches

Most luxury watches are known for their automatic movements, synthetic sapphire crystals, and quality casings and straps, among others. However, with the Frank Muller brand, these watches contain all the above and come with an exciting addition that seems to defy the concept of time. This was seen in their 2013 collection, Crazy Hours, which has a disorderly numeral arrangement that differs from the norm. Although most people find this weird, it keeps perfect time with the aid of its unique innovation, the jumping hour mechanism. There have been other collections under the Frank Muller brand that have caught the attention of watch lovers due to certain special features, including the 2004 tri-axial, the 2007 Aeternitas Mega, and the 2011 Wristwatch.

Frank Muller is a Young Brand

Most luxury brands at the pinnacle of the industry have existed for several decades, but Fuller Muller watches are the exception. Having been founded in the year 1992, they have been in the market for 29 years. Due to the solid in-house expertise, Frank Muller uses his years of experience as a watch restorer to ensure that his products meet and exceed industry standards in terms of quality and style. After completing with Sir makes, a watchmaking enthusiast, in 1991, both started a partnership that would revolutionize the watch industry through innovative watch complications.

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