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How to Clean Rolex Watch
13 Oct 2019

How to Clean Rolex Watch

Rolex, a crown for every achievement is not a slogan that was just thrown together. The Rolex brand is about precision, prestige, and innovation. Rolex disrupts the idea that only monarchs may have crowns by creating its own precious adornment. The crown of the watch was used to manually change the time, set the date, wind the watch, and stop the watch. The Rolex crown is different. With its patented perpetual self-winding mechanism, the timepiece transmits uninterrupted natural energy to the watch.

Rolex owners know the value of their timepiece. A Rolex from Atlanta Luxury Watches is not only a valuable piece of jewelry, it is a symbol of hard work, impeccable workmanship, and passion for art and perfection. This is why we want every Rolex owner to know how to care for their watch. To help, Atlanta Luxury Watches offers this short guide on how to clean a Rolex watch.

Secure the Crown

Some Rolex watches are waterproof to unbelievable depths, but even those are susceptible to water damaging the watchs movement. Make sure to screw down the crown to prevent water from getting into your watch during the cleaning process.

Grab Some Water

Put some water and a dime-sized amount of soap into a small bowl. Avoid harsh or strong chemicals. A mild soap is good enough.

Scrub Gently

Find a soft bristled toothbrush and dip it into the cleaning solution. Use the toothbrush to clean in between the links and the lugs of the watch.


Bring the watch under warm water to remove soap and residue from the cleaning.


Use a microfiber cloth to dry the watch without scratching the surface.

Other Rolex Care Tips

It makes sense for any Rolex owner to wear their watch often. It is a timeless investment for many. Wear it often. Plus, the self-winding mechanism charges your watch with every step you take literally. Here are some other great tips to keep your Rolex looking like it did the first day you bought it.

  • Take your watch to a certified watchmaker and ensure the watch is working properly. Atlanta Luxury Watches offers adjustments and repair services.
  • Keep your watch away from direct sunlight as the suns rays can fade the colors on the dial and bezel. Store your watch in a safe watch box away from direct sunlight.
  • Wipe your watch with a microfiber cloth before and after you put it on. Make sure your wrists are clean as well. This will prevent dirt and grime from building up.
  • Do not attempt to open the Rolex yourself. This may void any warranties you have and you risk irreparably damaging the watch.
  • When applying lotion, cologne, perfume, and other substances, try and avoid contact with your watch. These substances can accumulate between the links of the watch.

Call Atlanta Luxury Watches if you have any questions about how to keep your Rolex in mint condition. We are here to help you look out for your timepiece!