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How to Tell If a Rolex is Real
27 Aug 2021

How to Tell If a Rolex is Real

Whether you’re into luxury watches or not, you’ve definitely heard of a Rolex Watch before. Rolex is a widely-known popular Swiss watch brand that makes luxury watches. Since it is so popular and wanted, there are thousands of counterfeits out there that will cost you more than half the price of a real Rolex. Are you in the market for a real Rolex watch and you aren’t sure what you should be looking for? Atlanta Luxury Watches has some advice for you!

When it comes to counterfeit Rolex watches, the differences are so slight that if you aren’t familiar with the real brand and what their watches look like, you would never know the difference. That’s why Atlanta Luxury Watches is here to help. We want you to know what you should be looking for to tell if a Rolex watch is real or not. Let’s not waste any more time and get right into it…

4 Ways to Tell If a Rolex Watch is Real or Not

1.  Stuttering
When in the market for a real Rolex watch, you’ll always want to start by looking at the quartz dial movements. The second hand should move evenly and smoothly, without any lagging or stutters. If you feel like you can’t see a difference, you should listen to the clicking the watch will make. If it clicks evenly and consistently, it’s real. If the tempo of the clicks is offbeat and random, it’s 100% a fake Rolex watch. 

2.  Weight
Real Rolex watches are made out of the greatest metals and materials you can find. Meaning, they are heavy and durable. If you lift a real Rolex watch in one hand and a counterfeit watch in your other hand, you will instantly feel the difference. Counterfeit Rolex watches are made of low-grade materials and metals, meaning it’ll be super lightweight, which in this case, you don’t want that. 

3.  Time winder
A Rolex Watch has a well-crafted time winders so you can easily set the time. The pop out and in so easily, so if you find it hard to pop the winder out when you go to change the time, it’s a fake Rolex. Make sure to look at the engravings on the time winders to see if they are of good quality or not. 

4.  The date
On every Rolex watch, the date is magnified in a way that no other watch has. This feature is extremely hard to replicate so most people who create counterfeit watches tend to skip this step so this is a dead giveaway if the watch is real or not. 

Did you recently buy a Rolex watch on the street and you have a strange feeling it’s a counterfeit? Are you planning on investing in a Rolex watch and you want to prove it’s authentic before? Call Atlanta Luxury Watches anytime to get advice on a watch purchase, or you want to purchase a pre-owned Rolex – we promise ours are all real! For all your luxury watch needs, give us a call today!