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Hublot vs. Breguet 
17 May 2024

Hublot vs. Breguet 

Luxury watches come in various designs, with brands competing for prestige. In this vastly growing space, Hublot and Breguet stand out for their craftsmanship, precision, and innovative designs. However, watch enthusiasts often debate which brand is superior. At Atlanta Luxury Watches, we provide you with pertinent information on both brands to help you make an informed decision. Before you visit a watch store, here are vital factors to help you understand the strengths and differences between each.

Accuracy and Precision

Hublot is synonymous with using innovative materials and incorporating the modern design. However, in accuracy, it holds its own among top luxury watches. Hublot uses high-quality Swiss automatic movements, often based on their in-house Unico movement or the ETA calibers. These movements ensure a deviation of just a few seconds per day, aligning with the strict standards of the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).

Breguet has a long legacy that dates back to 1775. The Swiss brand makes luxury watches known for precision and accuracy. While Breguet has a historical reputation for developing technology that enhances watch accuracy, modern pieces often feature high-precision movements like the Classique Chronométrie 7727.

Brand Popularity and Heritage

Unlike Breguet, Hublot is a young brand with a history dating back to 1980. Despite joining the industry later, Hublot combines traditional Swiss watchmaking with modern materials like ceramic, rubber, and carbon fiber. This gained the brand significant traction, especially with bold designs and association with sports and celebrities.

The rich heritage and long history of Breguet in the watchmaking space make it popular among enthusiasts and collectors. Having been established over two centuries ago, the Swiss brand has been the choice of royalty and historical figures, including Marie Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte. In addition, its classic design and the traditional art of watchmaking make it popular among those who appreciate refined elegance.

Water Resistance

Hublot timepieces combine luxury with utility. Many Hublot models, especially from the Big Bang and King Power lines, offer significant water resistance up to 330 feet. Some diving models, like the Hublot Oceanographic, can withstand up to 13,120 feet, making them suitable for professional divers and water sports enthusiasts.

While Breguet watches focus on classic and sophisticated designs, they offer lower water resistance. Most of these luxury watches are water-resistant up to 100 feet, which is sufficient for daily use, including splashes and rain. Breguet’s Marine series is an exception, offering water resistance up to 330 feet, combining elegance with a more robust design for water activities.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

Hublot provides a standard two-year warranty on its watches, which can be extended up to five years upon registration on its official website. This is a testament to their confidence in the durability and quality of their luxury watches. The brand has an excellent reputation for after-sales service, offering repair and maintenance to ensure longevity.

Breguet also offers a standard two-year warranty, but it can be extended to three years when you register your watch with the Breguet Club. Breguet excels in after-sales service, with a focus on maintaining the high standards of its historic and intricate timepieces. The brand ensures expert watchmakers are available to service and restore their timepieces without compromising their value and complexity.

Choosing between Hublot and Breguet comes down to preference and priorities. If you prefer modern design, innovative materials, and sportier looks, Hublot is an excellent choice. However, if you want timeless elegance, historical significance, and classical watchmaking, Breguet is unmatched. Contact Atlanta Luxury Watches or visit our watch store for exceptional quality and craftsmanship.