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Patek Philippe or Cartier
22 Sep 2021

Patek Philippe or Cartier

Patek Philippe or Cartier are among the most famous watch brands in the world. The two wristwatch brands are trendy in the celebrity world and have been in business for quite a while. We will compare Patek Philippe with the Cartier watches by assessing their brand popularity, prestige, craftsmanship, horology, precision, and accuracy. Other points used to compare the two brands include the price, resale value, and achievement.

Popularity and Prestige

Cartier and Patek Philippe have supplied the rich and famous, including royals, with their timepieces. Patek has supplied wristwatches to the wealthy over an extended period, while Cartier has sold jewelry and wrist watches around the globe. Although the two share the same customers, Patek Philippe is a more reputable name in the world of luxury watches.

Precision and Accuracy

Patek Philippe ensures that all its wristwatches are accurate and have an imprinted seal. Each Patek Philippe watch with the said hallmark should maintain an accuracy range of -3 to +2 seconds. Conversely, Cartier watches fail to match this accuracy and precision. However, Cartier produces quartz watches that have been praised for having better accuracy than typical mechanical wristwatches.


The Patek Philippe has a comprehensive list of famous wristwatches for ladies and gentlemen. For instance, the base model for men is the Calatrava, while the high-end model is the Nautilus. To get a Patek Philippe, you need to be on a special waiting list. At Atlanta Luxury Watches, we can help you acquire a new Patek. The watches are scarce because they are produced in limited amounts. Contrarily, the Cartier is famous and easier to purchase. Popular Cartier watches for men include the Santos collection, iconic Tank, and Cartier Drive. Ladies can check out the Panthere, Tank, and the Ballon Bleu.

Craftsmanship and Horology

Although both brands maintain high standards in artisanship, Patek Philippe stands out in this category. It has a wide range of wristwatches from stainless steel, rose gold, platinum to yellow gold. In addition, Patek Philippe rarely releases a watch that is nothing short of perfect. Furthermore, it ensures that it sells watches that display its commitment to achieving perfection. Patek Philippe is accredited to produce wristwatches with a highly complicated mechanical functionality that enabled it to derive more than a million dollars for each complication. For instance, the Patek Philippe Henry Graves has 24 complications that helped it garner $24 million. Conversely, the Cartier lacks the same range of complexity that the Patek Philippe holds.

Achievement and Innovation

Although Patek was the first to make wristwatches, Cartier was the first to popularize it with exquisite jewelry. Cartier caused a significant change in the fashion industry, leading to the adoption of wristwatches as a statement. The first wristwatch was Santos, which Cartier produced.

Price and Resale Value

Between the two wristwatches, Cartier is the most affordable option. The Tank Solo Cartier can cost approximately $2500, while the Twenty-4 Patek Philippe costs about $12500. However, the latter has a higher resale value compared to the Cartier. Interestingly, the Patek Philippe has been observed to be passed down generations in a family due to the high likelihood of its increase in value.

Both Patek Philippe and Cartier will offer you a high-quality watch. However, the former offers higher quality products while the latter offers affordable luxury watches for individuals on a tight budget. You can contact us at Atlanta Luxury Watches to help you find a luxury wristwatch that fits your budget, personality, and style. Our support unit is on standby throughout the day to answer any questions regarding the Patek Philippe or Cartier wristwatches.