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Rolex 1655 vs. Rolex 226570 – Explorer II
01 Jul 2022

Rolex 1655 vs. Rolex 226570 – Explorer II

First introduced in 1971 as a specifically designed watch for cave explorers, the Rolex watch Explorer II has remained a historical sports watch due to its unique brand. However, the watch has continuously attracted more attention from similar models such as the GMT-Master and Submariner. This means the Explorer II watch introduced in the early 1970s stands out from the watch you'll find in the market today. Therefore, you may get stuck in a luxury watch store differentiating between the ancient Rolex Explorer II 1655 and the current Explorer II 226570. Thankfully, this post will help you find the difference between these two watches. Read on!

Rolex Explorer II 1655

The Rolex Explorer II was introduced in 1971 and acquired the reference number 1655. This watch was designed with a 39mm case of stainless steel. The vintage watch had the functionality of 24-hour display, date display, and time w/ running seconds. It also features a dial of matte black w/ printed with luminous hour markers from tritium. Notably, this watch has a durable fold-over clasp bracelet. In addition, the look has a fixed, stainless steel 24-hour scale bezel and an acrylic lens. It works incredibly under the Rolex Cal. 1575 movement.

Rolex Explorer II 226570

This Rolex watch was first introduced in 2021 with a reference number 226750. It comes with a 42mm 904L stainless steel case. The watch has a date display and time w/ running seconds functionality. It also features white with w/applied luminous hour markers or glosses black Chroma light material. Its bezel has a fixed, stainless steel 24-hour scale covered with sapphire. Further, it moves using the Rolex Cal. 3285 movements. Not to forget, it has an oyster bracelet with an oyster lock clasp and an easy-to-link comfort extension.

Critical Differences Between Rolex 1655 and Rolex 226570

Despite the multiple versions of Rolex Explorer II. You can quickly note some critical differences between Rolex 1655 and Rolex 226570, which include:


The Rolex 226570 has a 3mm more significant case than the vintage 1655 model. The Rolex watch 226750 has a 42mm case diameter, while the Explorer II 1655 has a 39mm case. In addition, both models are designed from stainless steel, but the 226570 models are made from a unique combination of corrosion-resistant Oystersteel alloy designed explicitly by the manufacturer. 


The vintage and modern Explorer II come equipped with Oyster stainless steel bracelets. However, there is a difference in the actual structure of the accompanying clasps and bracelet generations. In addition, the vintage 1655 comes with a three-piece hollow center links design. On the other hand, the modern design features a unique Easylink system of extension to provide an on-the-fly adjustability.


The vintage Rolex watch 1655 comes with a crystal-shaped box made from acrylic. It also brands signature and Cyclops magnification lens and a date display at 3 o'clock dot. On the other hand, the modern Rolex Explorer II has its crystal and Cyclops magnification lens crafted with transparent synthetic sapphire for solid scratch resistance and a better appearance.


The vintage model featured 12-hour and 24-hour time scales equipped with a matte dial of tritium luminous material. On the other hand, the modern Explorer II features white ‘polar’ dials or a gloss black with both colors showing the conventional 12-hour design of luminous hour markers printed with a blue-glowing Chroma light.

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