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Rolex Air King Review
06 May 2022

Rolex Air King Review

Rolex has produced a range of sports models: the Rolex Air-King. Although this Rolex watch has long been forgotten, it still has unique features that set it apart from those that came before it. The watch is often confused because of the name "Air King," yet it doesn't have any aviation-specific features. Aside from this confusion, the Rolex Air-King is similar to any other Rolex watch sports model. It is vital to conduct in-depth research before purchasing a luxury watch, and Atlanta Luxury Watches is your go-to watch store.

Over the years, Rolex enthusiasts have called for the discontinuation of the current Rolex Air-King model, and others wanted it to be updated. Luckily, Rolex decided to take up the challenge of updating this model and other Rolex watches that have gotten lost. The core DNA of the luxury watch was left intact but enhanced the functional aspect of the Air-King. The feedback has been positive, generating a lot of traction for the transformed Rolex Air King.

Some of the updates made to the previous models include enhancing movement to caliber 3230, increasing power reserves to 70 hours, and anti-magnetic resistance. Here are some of the updates done on the Rolex Air-King in 2022.


The Rolex Air-King is one of the few models to receive the latest calibers. Most Rolex watches of 2022 found in our watch store have the in-house 3230 calibers, guaranteeing enhanced performance and accuracy. Updating the caliber has made this Rolex watch a modern timepiece that can be used for various purposes without compromising quality.


Rolex focused on enhancing aesthetics by designing a slim case and adding a crown guard for a sportier look. This gives it an edge over other sports models, making it the ideal model for people interested in a one-of-a-kind Rolex watch that combines the core DNA of an Air King with modern ingenuity. 


Although the dial upgrades are not too significant, they add a sense of class. Rolex added luminescent indices 3,6,9 and a zero in front of the five at the 1 o'clock position. These new features on the dial increase its visibility and make it sportier, which is the aim.


Security is a vital concern for prospective buyers of a luxury watch, and Rolex has considered this when updating the Air-King. They added a fold-over security clasp for enhanced durability and protection. This is a feature included in most Rolex sports watches, so it made a lot of sense to be part of the Air-King upgrade.


The case comprises the Rolex signature Oyster bracelet that's 40mm, making it one of the best-sized timepieces on the luxury watch market. It is constructed from 904L stainless steel, which is a feature that protects it from corrosion and maintains its shine for a long. This type of stainless steel is used in the aerospace industry due to its rigorous nature and ability to prevent daily wear and tear.

These are some of the updates added to the Rolex Air-King, and Atlanta Luxury Watches can help you find a luxury watch from your favorite brand that suits your style and character. Visit our watch store today for more information and quality luxury watches.