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Rubber B Watch Strap Bands
09 Sep 2019

Rubber B Luxury Straps in Atlanta

Aquatic sport lovers opt for rubber watch straps. While they were not preferred decades ago, rubber straps have made a huge leap thanks to advances in technology. They are now more comfortable and durable than ever. This waterproof alternative to metal and leather bands is available in a wide range of colors and designs. Rubber is a great option for those of us that are exposed to water for prolonged periods of time. While some metals can rust and leather gets damaged by water, rubber provides lightweight water-resistance ideal for deep dives.

Rubber B

Flexible. Resistant. Durable. These are only some of the qualities of the renowned Rubber Bs rubber luxury straps. Crafted and finished in Switzerland, these Rubber B watch bands are made of vulcanized rubber which provides exceptional damage resistance. Thus, Rubber B straps are protected against harsh environmental elements such as ozone, ultraviolet rays, and water. All of this ensures a long life of supreme performance. While other rubber straps tear, wear, and fade, Rubber B watch straps become more aesthetic with time, developing a natural patina.

As a Swiss brand, Rubber B has connections with other luxury Swiss brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe. Driven by a passion for these brands, Rubber B has developed a collection of straps compatible with them. Whether you have the Rolex Oyster Perpetual or Patek Philippe Nautilus, Rubber B offers vulcanized rubber straps. Come ask a watch specialist at Atlanta Luxury Watches whether your watch is a good fit for a superior Rubber B strap.

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Whether you are an avid diver or are sporadically exposed to water throughout your day, a rubber strap can save you from headaches and costs. Metal and leather bands can be expensive. Switch them out for the inexpensive rubber alternative when you are heading out to the pool or beach. Come by Atlanta Luxury Watches if you are in the Metro Atlanta area to find Rubber B luxury watch bands in Atlanta. We offer a wide selection of Rubber B straps as well as other name brand straps. Our professional staff can help you choose the strap with the best fit for your wrist and watch.

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Atlanta Luxury Watches is also your destination if you are looking to sell your Rubber B straps in Atlanta. We give competitive offers on Rubber B straps that fit our collection. Visit our location on Piedmont Road to have one of our experts inspect your item. We may offer cash or give you the option of trading yours in for a strap in stock.

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Rubber B straps come with permanent solid inserts to provide that extra dependable mount. Come by our location or give us a call if you are having issues with your strap. We will do our best to restore it to its better version.

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Call Atlanta Luxury Watches whether you are looking for a new rubber strap or want to take a look at some other strap options and materials.