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Ultimate Guide For Rolex Green Face Watches
02 Nov 2021

Ultimate Guide For Rolex Green Face Watches

Green Rolex watches have an emerald-colored dial which is bound to make any onlooker envious. Unlike most luxury watches, Rolex has an unexplainable rich color against metals such as diamond and gold. Some could even say that it is the contrast between the slick metallic frame and the organic hue. Whichever the reason, there’s no doubt that green has an allure that makes the pairing of the Rolex watch and the color green increasingly popular among luxury watch enthusiasts. At Atlanta Luxury Watches, we can guide you and provide the necessary information to ensure you make the right choice for luxury watches.

Why Green Dial Rolex Are Popular

For many years, green has been and remains to be Rolex’s signature hue, which has made the Rolex watch a favorite for many. This is also part of why there are green details on some Rolex luxury watches, such as bezel and dial and several anniversary models. As one of the leading brands in the luxury watches industry, Rolex has become a symbol of success and power, not to mention that it is the color of money. It is a no-brainer of the luxurious connotations the color green carries.

Rolex GMT- Master II Ref. 116718LN

This Rolex watch has a high-polish with a yellow satin-finished gold case and bracelet pop. All this is done against a bright anniversary green dial, making it even more appealing. These two elements are tied together using a black bezel with a lustrous ceramic insert. The solid gold GMT master II gives you everything you enjoy about classy luxury watches, including the bi-directional bezel and the Caliber 3186 movement, without forgetting the full 24-hour scale in contrasting yellow gold. The radiant green dial makes everything else in this Rolex watch shine a little extra, making it one of the highly-collectible stunners.

Rolex Submariner Ref. 116610LV

Also referred to as the "Hulk," this model made green Rolex watches popular among most people who love luxury watches. This submariner was introduced in 2010, featuring the green Rolex signature hue for both its Cerachrom bezel and dial, earning it the nickname "HULK." This Rolex watch is outfitted with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and automatic Cal. 3135 movements, and its waterproof case with luminous Mercedes hands and a unidirectional diver’s bezel.

Rolex Day-Date 36 Ref. 118138

Compared to other Rolex watches, the Day-Date was the first timepiece to show both time and day of the week. The Rolex Day-Date is crafted in either 95000 platinum or 18k gold, making it a symbol of success and a popular choice for various public figures such as celebrities and other influential individuals. The watch features a green leather strap, perfectly matching the green metallic dial, and contrasts nicely against the yellow gold case. The most prestigious Rolex watch is the dual calendar aperture, fluted bezel, and flawless finish using precious metal.

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