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Watches for Young Professionals
23 Nov 2021

Watches for Young Professionals

In today’s world, looking at the part goes a long way in ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition. By dressing in a certain way or accessorizing, people tend to have a preconceived notion about you, which may work in your favor. Regardless of your occupation, a defined timepiece sets you apart from others and wins half the battle before it starts. At Atlanta Luxury Watches, we provide you with a range of luxury watches from the leading brands such as Rolex to help you complete the image.

As you start your new career, buying an expensive timepiece might not be an excellent financial move. Still, there are luxury watches that are pocket-friendly without compromising value and versatility. Most of these watches have a date complication, which comes in handy, especially if you are a young professional. Some of the luxury watches that fall under this category include:

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m 15,000 Gauss

The Aqua Terra is the perfect amalgamation of a rugged sports watch and an elegant dress watch, making it an ideal all-around watch. Equipped with anti-magnetic Sil4 silicon balancing spring and 150m of water resistance, these watches can handle almost anything thrown at them.

This specific timepiece features some similarities with the Omega in-house 8500 calibers, such as the ability to move the hour hand backward or forward without altering the second hand. If your career requires constant travel, then this is the perfect watch for you. As a member of the Seamaster family, this watch features twisted lugs, which is the signature of this model.

TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph

The TAG Heuer is a remarkable example of how a chronograph can be incorporated into a timepiece. If you are looking for a retro watch to complement your look, the TAG Heuer is a proper contrast of design and aesthetics since it looks like a vintage watch but still portrays a semi-dress, semi-sport chronograph.

The fact that it has a square case will attract attention and often comes up as a conversation starter. If vintage watches are faster but lack the cash needed, the TAG Heuer is your next option since it combines the retro look with the vintage bracelet. Although this watch looks spectacular on several straps, it is mainly preferred due to its vintage-inspired design.

Rolex Datejust 41

As the leading brand in luxury watches, a Rolex watch is usually not the first choice when looking for a cost-effective timepiece. However, the Datejust carries the rich Rolex history while maintaining a classic, iconic design perfect for casual and formal dressing. With a 100m water resistance of the oyster case and durable nature, the Datejust is always a versatile timepiece that fits perfectly in any place. The Datejust models come in a wide variety to choose from, allowing you to select the most suitable luxury watch that meets your design and style needs.

Atlanta Luxury Watches has a long catalog of luxury watches from the leading brands and also cost-friendly models. Contact our experts today and enjoy top-quality products at competitive market prices.