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What Is The Most Affordable Rolex Watch?
17 Nov 2021

What Is The Most Affordable Rolex Watch?

If you are an enthusiast of luxury watches, you are aware that the prices for Rolex watches have been going up every year. Although the regular price of Rolex watches has increased at the retail level, the pre-owned market has also experienced a significant price increase due to the growing demand that exceeds the limited supply. This has resulted in an increase in price for some Rolex models. Atlanta Luxury Watches aims at helping you find the best Rolex watch without breaking the bank. Despite most Rolex models being out of the budget-friendly category, some still maintain a reasonable price range without compromising the high level of quality Rolex is known for.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual-Reference 1002

This model is Rolex`s entry-level collection comprising minimum features, but it still maintains all the traits that define a Rolex watch. The Oyster Perpetual came from two vital technologies, the self-winding perpetual movement, and waterproof oyster casing. These are the traits that form the base for all the various Rolex models. 1002 refers to a vintage model from the Rolex Oyster Perpetual line and is mostly constructed using stainless steel. This is why these types of watches rank among the most affordable Rolex watches in the market today. The 1002 reference line is characterized by a chronometer-certified movement, smooth bezel, and a unique dial which culminates the timeless design.

Rolex Date-Reference 1501

The Rolex Date represents high versatility and classic design, all within the 34mm luxury watch. Having made its first appearance in the `50s, the Rolex Date features an oyster casing and chronometer-certified movements with automatic date change displays. The Rolex Date might not be offered in a range of configurations like the slightly larger 36mm Rolex Datejust. Still, it doesn`t compromise the quality features, high performance, and build that Rolex is popularly known for in the luxury watch industry. The Rolex Date is distinct from other Rolex models due to its engine-turned bezel, which provides an inherent and unique overall aesthetic.

Vintage Rolex Ladies Cocktail Watch

Most of the watches Rolex produces today have an oyster case that is not less than 28mm, which keeps it waterproof. However, this was not the case for several Rolex`s vintage watches, which reveal several ultra-elegant and small-sized timepieces that are completely different from what we are used to forming a Rolex watch. These timepieces are referred to as cocktail watches, which are refined models designed specifically for women. Characterized with a 14k gold case and complimented with a unique mesh-style bracelet, they also feature a 17-jewel mechanical movement. All the solid construction goes for a reasonable price, and if you prefer a standard bezel, you will pay even less.

Whether you are looking for ladies or mens Rolex watches, Atlanta Luxury Watches have got you covered. Contact us today and view our range of luxury watches that are guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations.