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Breguet Vs. Rolex Watches: Which is Better?
06 Dec 2021

Breguet Vs. Rolex Watches: Which is Better?

Rolex and Breguet are among the leading watchmaking brands globally, with numerous models designed to suit different personalities and styles. A common question that is asked by most people shopping for luxury watches is: which is better between Breguet and Rolex? Comparing different luxury watches to determine which one is better for you can be difficult for most people, and that’s why Atlanta Luxury Watches has a dedicated team of experts to help you navigate the comparison.


A key factor to consider when choosing a luxury watch, and watchmaking experts can agree, is precision in chronometry. Ensuring that the watch has a certification from the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, guarantees accuracy which is vital in a timepiece. Although most luxury watches have a COSC certification, others prefer to test themselves for more accurate results.

Rolex uses COSC testing to certify their movements, but they send further testing back at their headquarters. This ensures that every Rolex watch has double accuracy compared to COSC standards. On the other hand, Breguet doesn’t rely on OCSC certification since they can make more accurate watches.

Brand Popularity

According to recent statistics on brand recognition among luxury watches, Rolex emerged as the leading Swiss timepiece. Out of all the luxury watch brands globally, Rolex has established itself as the most popular brand. What does this say about Breguet and its status as a luxury watch brand?

If you are familiar with the history of watchmaking, then you probably know about Breguet. As the 6th most popular brand among top luxury watches, Breguet is a historical brand. Compared to Rolex, Breguet is usually preferred by those familiar with its rich history and are interested in its contributions over time. With that being said, there’s no doubt that Rolex is more popular than Breguet.

Brand Prestige

There’s no disputing that Rolex is more popular compared to Breguet. However, Breguet has got the upper hand when it comes to brand prestige. As one of the oldest watchmakers currently in business, they have provided numerous contributions, inventions, and innovations that have revolutionized the industry over time.

Rolex caters to different people, from high-end to middle-income earners, which is why it is more popular. However, Breguet has a higher cost of entry, and it caters to high-level earners, making it more prestigious and exclusive. This is the reason why Breguet is more prestigious compared to Rolex.


Warranty is crucial when purchasing a luxury watch since it gives you peace of mind regarding quality assurance. Rolex has a longer warranty of five years, while Breguet only offers two years for warranty.

There are many things to consider when deciding on the luxury watch brand that is suitable for you, and that’s why it’s advisable to consult the experts. Atlanta Luxury Watches has a long catalog of top-quality luxury watches from leading brands globally. Contact us today, and let us help you meet your timepiece needs.