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Rolex and the Championships, Wimbledon
07 Jul 2024

Rolex and the Championships, Wimbledon

Professional athletes in tennis emerged in 1930. This was an exciting time in the sport, as American Helen Willis Woody won Wimbledon, and the men’s team became first up at Roland-Garros. Over the years, the king’s sport has made many lasting partnerships with various companies, including Rolex in 1978. The combination of Wimbledon and Rolex brings elegance and class to this annual tennis tournament. We appreciate the rich history of top-tier brands and sporting events at Atlanta Luxury Watches. This is why we offer quality timepieces at our watch store and provide pertinent information to help you make an informed purchase.

Where Legends Are Made

The Wimbledon finals are the scene of major showdowns between, creating extraordinary moments in tennis history. Some epic battles include John Newcomb vs Rod Laver, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal. This elevated level of sporting excellence resonates with Rolex, bringing giants together and revolutionizing the world of sports.

Rolex and Tennis: A 40-Year Partnership

The relationship between Rolex and tennis is founded on a similar philosophy: excellence, elegance, precision, and innovation. This partnership has grown, with Rolex supporting both male and female games. You will notice Rolex luxury watches gracing major competitions like the Grand Slam, the ATP and WTA Finals, and the Davis Cup Finals, among others. If you are a tennis enthusiast, we can help you invest in a Rolex watch that symbolizes the long relationship between tennis and the top-tier brand.

Rolex Testimonees and Wimbledon

Since partnering with Wimbledon in 1978, a few tournament champions have joined Rolex’s Testimonees. Some tennis legends to make the list include Chris Evert, Bjorn Borg, Stefan Edberg, Roger Federer, and Angelique Kerber. Today’s champions want to join the tournament’s winners, including Carlos Alcaraz, Jannik Sinner, and Coco Gauff. Sports enthusiasts can learn more about tennis legends and how partnering with Rolex has grown the sport.

Rolex and Sport

When you wear a Rolex watch, it symbolizes more than quality and excellence. The brand has gone to great lengths to champion architecture, culture, environmental conservation, and exploration. In addition, Rolex has built lasting relationships across sports besides tennis, such as golf, sailing, skiing, equestrianism, and motorsport. By partnering with competitions, athletes, and governing bodies, Rolex ensures long-term engagements that grow these events and promote excellence.

Why Consider a Rolex Watch?

As mentioned, Rolex is a top-tier brand in the competitive luxury watch space. As the leading manufacturer of luxury watches, sports enthusiasts always have something new to look forward to in their preferred sport. While most collectors or first-time investors may shy away from the brand name because of perceived high prices, Rolex has timepieces that suit everyone’s style, personality, and budget without compromising quality. Schedule an appointment at our watch store to invest in a unique timepiece that meets your needs.

Contact Atlanta Luxury Watches and check out our vast catalog of quality pieces from different brands to choose the most suitable and durable. We work within your budget to ensure you get the best deal without compromising quality.