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The Rolex Jubilee Bracelet
29 Sep 2022

The Rolex Jubilee Bracelet

Rolex is among the leading luxury watch brands, setting itself apart from the competition with in-house machinery. However, the unique details of the Swiss brand’s timepieces are not the only things it is known for in the industry. The Rolex jubilee bracelet is a one-of-a-kind piece of fine craftsmanship and design, making it a coveted accessory for Rolex enthusiasts who visit our watch store. With a long history from 1945, the Oyster bracelet was designed specifically for the Rolex Perpetual Datejust model.

Over time, many high-quality Rolex watches have emerged and pair perfectly with this lustrous accessory for that desired look of sophistication and class. Atlanta Luxury Watches can provide pertinent information about the jubilee bracelet, helping you make an informed decision if you want to add it to your jewelry collection.

The bracelet is made from metal and comprises five rows, creating an aesthetic and elegant outline. The hidden crown clasp makes the closure invisible, combining elegance and comfort with any outfit you choose to pair it with. Here are some things you should know about the Rolex jubilee bracelet.

It was Imposed Over Time

The jubilee bracelet debuted in 1945, marking Rolex’s 40 years in the luxury watch industry. It accompanied the latest release then, the Datejust, and is considered the best combination until today. Although solid gold was the initial material used to forge the bracelet, many steel variations have been used over time, increasing its versatility and ability to complement other Rolex timepieces.

Since its debut, the president bracelet emerged and surpassed the jubilee bracelet, but the latest combination with the GMT-Master catapulted it back to the scene. The bracelet is currently exclusive with the Datejust line, improving your investment and more desirable.


Most luxury watch enthusiasts consider the Jubilee bracelet a bridge between the classic President and sporty Oyster bracelet design, bringing out the best of both worlds. Rolex watches undergo comprehensive tests to ensure the final product goes the distance and maintains precision and quality. The jubilee bracelet undergoes the same level of tests, guaranteeing durability and a never-ending lustrous effect that gives it a timeless look.

The current design comprises five semi-circular links, featuring two more prominent links on the outer sides and three smaller links in the middle. It has a unique design, as it doesn’t have a central point to balance the bracelet. The unique style creates the illusion of a loop on the wrist, giving the effect of an invisible closure.

Stretching the Jubilee Bracelet Design

Another distinct feature of the bracelet is that it stretches, guaranteeing a perfect fit on the wrist. While this is not an exclusive design, it enhances the accessory’s versatility, giving it additional attributes, such as the ability to fight dirt.

As a luxury watch owner, you know the importance of regularly cleaning dirt and debris between the links to maintain the timepiece in optimal condition. The Jubilee bracelet makes this exercise efficient and easy. Contact us at Atlanta Luxury Watches and schedule a consultation with our representatives. Visit our watch store to learn more about your favorite luxury watch brand.